Did you know...?

The Orangutan Protection Foundation supports the largest primate rescue and rehabilitation organisation in the world today operated by BOS Foundation.

The Foundation has nearly 4,000 orangutans under its protection. That equates to 10% of the world's remaining population.

It employs over 500 people at its projects in Central & East Kalimantan.

Nearly all of its employees are Indonesian, empowering local people to be a force for change.

Did you know....?

Orangutans demonstrate aptitude with tools.

Their colour renders them invisible when in the canopy.

Rambutans and durian are their favourite fruits!

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You and OPF

Become an Orangutan Protector

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It takes a very special person to feel compelled to help a species that lives on the other side of the world. It is also difficult to feel a connection with or appreciation for an animal that you may never see in the wild in our lifetimes. But the thought of losing the chance to EVER see these very special apes, is something that drives the many supporters who do help the orangutans. We hope you will do the same. 

Every year, the BOS Foundation cares for hundreds of orangutan lives and gives jobs to hundreds of local people that are rescuing, rehabilitating and most importantly, giving them the chance to live their lives wild and free in the rainforests where they belong.

All these successes are made possible through the generosity of people just like you. We want to make 2013 the Year of the Orangutan Protector. If you have an idea you'd like to share or if you'd like to be involved as an fundraiser, please email us. Last but not least, sponsoring an Orangutan is a surefire way to help. As well as a pack with photo, you will receive updates on their progress as they journey through Forest School and hopefully - graduate to a life back in the trees. So where will your fundraising take you this year? 

Fundraising at work encourages teamwork and boosts morale. Bring out your inner ape and ask your colleagues to join you. It could be as simple as putting a collection tin on your reception desk or you could really get stuck in and organise a cake sale or a quiz night. Ditto if you are a student of course! Download our fundraising pack today to get you started.  

You don’t have to get out & about to be a fundraiser. If you're a web guru and enjoy getting involved in social media, find us on Facebook or Twitter. Share our photos and stories with your network (and always add our URL: www.opf.org). Word of mouth can be a powerful tool! Or why not invite friends round for a dinner or garden party and make ginger the theme for the day. Release your creative side.  

Engage with family, friends and your contacts to raise money in your local community maybe at your local church or community centre. You could also get out there and swing a bucket at your local supermarket or train station. If you would like to be part of the street fundraising team next year, register your interest by emailing us today. We also have places in the London 10km race next July. And don't worry: You don't have to dress up as an Orangutan if you don't want to!

Other ways to help the Orangutans

Sign up to our recycling partner and make OPF your charity of choice. They will send you boxes, envelopes or arrange a pick up. Anything you need to help you be more environmentally conscientious!

We are now live on Payroll Giving, a truly hassle-free way to give a monthly gift to aid the plight of the Orangutans.

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