Did you know...?

The Orangutan Protection Foundation supports the largest primate rescue and rehabilitation organisation in the world today operated by BOS Foundation.

The Foundation has nearly 4,000 orangutans under its protection. That equates to 10% of the world's remaining population.

It employs over 500 people at its projects in Central & East Kalimantan.

Nearly all of its employees are Indonesian, empowering local people to be a force for change.

Did you know....?

Orangutans demonstrate aptitude with tools.

Their colour renders them invisible when in the canopy.

Rambutans and durian are their favourite fruits!

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The lungs of our world

CAN you imagine a world without the rainforests? 

Without the lush tropical canopies the rainforest provides, life would become unsustainable for dozens of life-forms. And humans too. They are more than exquisite and beautiful areas of our planet - they are vital to the continuation of life on earth as we know it.
Rainforests deliver oxygen to the air, stabilize climates and are responsible for 28 per cent of the world's oxygen turnover they absorb carbon dioxide.
You could think of them as the world's thermostat. They comprise some of the earth's most important ecosystems. Although they cover less than two per cent of the total surface area, they really are the lungs of our planet. So where do the Orangutans fit in?

A significant part of the propagation of the rainforests is through seed dispersal, which is why the orangutan’s place in the ecosystem of the rainforest is vital. Where the orangutan thrives, the rainforest thrives – affecting not only every creature that depends on the rainforest for its existence, but the survival of humankind itself. A symbiotic relationship! One can't properly thrive without the other... So why else are they important?


Orangutan Protection Foundation
Saving orangutans together...

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