Did you know...?

The Orangutan Protection Foundation supports the largest primate rescue and rehabilitation organisation in the world today operated by BOS Foundation.

The Foundation has nearly 4,000 orangutans under its protection. That equates to 10% of the world's remaining population.

It employs over 500 people at its projects in Central & East Kalimantan.

Nearly all of its employees are Indonesian, empowering local people to be a force for change.

Did you know....?

Orangutans demonstrate aptitude with tools.

Their colour renders them invisible when in the canopy.

Rambutans and durian are their favourite fruits!

Donate now and change lives.


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Our snail mail address is Orangutan Protection Foundation, 2nd Floor, Angel House, 225 Marsh Wall, Canary Wharf, London, E14 9FW.

Alternatively you can call (UK or International) on 020 7531 1042

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