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Ingrid and Ivan. How are they adjusting to life in the forest?

Our Post-Release Monitoring team from Nles Mamse Camp in the Kehje Sewen Forest recently set out to observe mother-infant pair Ingrid and Ivan, who were released on December 4, 2017. The team headed to the location where Ingrid and Ivan were last detected through their individual radio-tracking signals,..

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Alba will soon be nesting in the trees!

The world’s only known albino orangutan, Alba, is destined for the forest and will start her new life on a 10-hectare forest-island home by the end of June. 

Like humans, all orangutans are unique individuals. There is one orangutan, however, that completely stands out from the crowd. Alba..

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King of Kehje Sewen Makes an Appearance

Our PRM team to the south of Camp Nles Mamse was recently delighted to pick up Kumar’s radio tracking signal! The team was busily conducting post-release monitoring in the Simpang Tawon area of the Kehje Sewen Forest, when Kumar’s signal suddenly popped up. So the next day, they set off toward..

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Seven Orangutans Head To University!

We are moving full steam ahead with our reintroduction programs and at our new release site in Central Kalimantan in the Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park, we have already released 71 orangutans since 2016. But it takes time for orphaned orangutans to learn all the skills they need to successfully..

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Expectant Mothers Meklies & Ebol Get Ready to Give Birth!

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of new orangutan family members in the Bukit Batikap Conservation Forest (Batikap). In August, our team discovered that two of our released orangutans – Meklies (released in 2015), and Ebol (2012) – were pregnant. Since then, BOS have done their best to monitor..

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Three Amigos!

On Tuesday morning, three of our PRM team from Camp Nles Mamse – Luy, Cohel and Valerie – headed toward the phenology transect 2 in search of Belinda, a female orangutan we released in July this year. A few days prior, the team had spotted Belinda as they were returning to camp.


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BREAKING: New Species of Orangutan Discovered in Sumatra!

Researchers have identified a new species of orangutan in an isolated forest on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Fewer than 800 individuals remain, and the construction of a dam and road threaten the prime habitat of the ape, which is distinguished from its cousins by, among other things, frizzier..

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Baby Uru, Rescued Last Week, Needs Your Help

You can donate to our rescue appeal page, which is dedicated to orphans in need. 100% of these donations are transferred monthly to the project in Central Kalimantan.


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Close Encounters of the Ape Kind

On a sunny Friday, our PRM team from Camp Lesik trailed down Bukit Titin transect to conduct observations on Elisa, a female orangutan released in March this year. Our team that day included Usup, Rere, and Valerie; we headed directly to the location where Elisa’s signal was detected several days..

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