Close Encounters of the Ape Kind

Elisa Do A Lot!

Elisa Do A Lot!

On a sunny Friday, our PRM team from Camp Lesik trailed down Bukit Titin transect to conduct observations on Elisa, a female orangutan released in March this year. Our team that day included Usup, Rere, and Valerie; we headed directly to the location where Elisa’s signal was detected several days prior. After reaching the top of Bukit Titin, we kept on following the strong signal from Elisa, working our way through dense rattan and lianas until we finally spotted her.

Elisa quickly detected our presence and showed her displeasure by letting out a kiss-squeak, then swiftly moved around the branches to get a better look at us. Acknowledging her discomfort, we slowly moved away and continued to observe her from a safe distance.

For a while, Elisa sat in a tree and watched us, but soon became bored and moved off to eat flowers and young leaves. Engrossed in her foraging, she paid no attention to us and just went about her day. This gave us the opportunity to observe Elisa’s activities for quite some time, before she decided to climb up higher and out of sight.

Not wanting to give up easily on observing Elisa, we stood by and waited for signs of movement in the direction she took off in. Then, out of the blue, an orangutan suddenly appeared behind us. Could Elisa have circled around to cleverly sneak up on us from behind? Or was this another orangutan coming to surprise us? Stay tuned, and follow our story next week to find out!

Text by: PRM team in Camp Lesik, Kehje Sewen Forest

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