Month: October 2017

Two Rescues in Two Days

The BOS team rescued two infant Orangutans one male aged 6-8 months and one female aged 3 years in Central Kalimantan within two days. The team and took the infants to Nyaru Menteng, reporting that one (the male) is severely dehydrated and malnourished.

The foundation said in both cases it’s likely that the mothers were deliberately killed.

As more forests are cleared, ‘hunters are able to reach previously isolated areas and orangutans,’ it said in a statement.

‘We have to take a stand to protect remaining habitat and the critically endangered wildlife which lives within.

‘Our forests and our orangutan population are shrinking.’

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These rescues bring the total number of orphans displaced and rescued this year to nineteen.

First Rescue - October 12th

First Rescue – October 12th

Second Rescue - October 13th

Second Rescue – October 13th

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